MotorWeek fondly remembers the 2000 BMW M5

The Retro Review series from MotorWeek tends to reminisce about vehicles at are at least 20 years old and often from even further back. However, the show's latest recollection shines the spotlight on a fondly remembered sports sedan that's also a modern classic: the 2000 BMW M5.

Years before BMW committed to downsized engines with turbocharging and shortly prior to the introduction of iDrive, the E39 M5 showed the Bavarian brand's engineering talents at their very best. By modern standards, the sedan's powertrain is almost antiquated. Up front, there's a big, naturally aspirated V8 that sends power to the rear wheels, and the only choice of transmission is a six-speed manual. But as MotorWeek explains, the tuning of the whole vehicle comes out to near perfection. This is a model that's definitely worth remembering.

BMW M5 Information

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