Mother and daughter survive car sliding under truck trailer

A mother and daughter survived the kind of crash you usually only see in action movies when their sports car slid under an 18-wheel semi truck Monday afternoon. Cathrenia Moening was driving her Mazda Miata down the Pennsylvania Turnpike with her mother, Nahlin Duka, NBC 10 reported. A UPS truck merged into Moening's lane, trapping the small car underneath the trailer.

Duka was able to escape the wreckage but it took rescue crews two hours to cut Moening out of the sports car. High temperatures slowed rescue efforts, as firefighters could only work in 15 minute shifts with multiple water breaks. Moening told NBC 10 she didn't realize she was still wedged under the truck until rescuers had almost freed her.

"When they did they took the roof off and I looked up," Moening said. "And I thought, 'Oh my God, I'm under the truck!'"

Both women are in the hospital being treated for minor injuries.

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