Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca awaits your EV at Refuel 2015

Run It, Race It, Relish It

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Circle Friday, June 26 on your calenders. If you're an electric vehicle enthusiast and a fan of speed, this is your Christmas, Valentines Day, and (possibly) Passover all wrapped in one. It's Refuel 2015, when the EV fast and fanatical gather at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, just outside Monterey, California for a full day of battery-powered fun. As we told you last year, there is no better way for volt heads to spend a summer's day.

This year, festivities will include the usual point-to-pass fast laps on one of America's best tracks, along with the official Sport Electric TT competition, which gives you a traffic-free chance to challenge the clock with a car, motorcycle, or go-kart and maybe get yourself in the record books. Organizers will also have an autocross course set up for attendees to put their vehicles through tighter, twistier paces.

As with past years, we're pretty certain the action in the parking lot should be at least as exciting as what happens on the track. There are always lots of great, and some times unexpected, vehicles to look at – this year will see the Tesla Model S P85D in full effect and we've caught wind of some other exciting entries – and owners on hand to swap stories with or useful info.

Although the big day is still more than a month away, if you're interested it would be wise to register as soon as possible since there are a limited number of vehicles accepted and this event has become extremely popular. Also, since it falls on a workday this year, you might want to get an early start on how to break the news to your boss that you've contracted 24-hour ebola.

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