BMW owners celebrate 40 years of 3 Series

With a recent refresh and introduction of the 340i, BMW is continuing to evolve the 3 Series to make sure that the it can keep up in the competitive world of sport sedans. However, the company doesn't want to forgot the past 40 years of the 3 Series' history. In a new video, the brand travels the world to let owners of a few classic examples explain just what makes this model so special.

While several generations get their turn in the limelight, fans of the E30 from the '80s and early '90s will find a lot to like here. BMW travels to Las Vegas, NV, to talk with a guy who specializes in restoring them, and then the company goes to Jakarta, Indonesia, to check out one that's grabbing trophies on the racetrack. A bit of advice, though: make sure to turn on the subtitles for this video because portions of it include interviews with Spanish and German owners in their native languages.

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