How two-state Chevy Spark EV outsold 50-state Volt last month

Lower Price Leads To 94-Percent Lease Rate Leads To Big Sale Increase

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Is it really just about price? Last month, the Chevy Spark EV got a sizable price drop of $1,500 alongside a lowered lease price of $139 a month (down from $199). Those numbers, particularly that cheap lease, had a tremendous impact on how many all-electric Sparks GM sold last month.

There were 920 Spark EVs sold in April, and the Spark EV is available in only two states: California and Oregon. Sales will start in Maryland in the third quarter of 2015, but there are no pre-orders taking place there, so all 920 were West Coast sales. To be more precise, there were about 864 Spark EV leases signed last month, since 94 percent of those 920 sales were retail leases. As Annalisa Bluhm from Chevrolet communications told AutoblogGreen, that level was, "simply insane."

"In those states which offer Spark EV, you can get a 1LT Spark EV for less than a 1LT Spark, with more features" Bluhm said. "Factor in that you will save approximately $82 per month by abstaining from gas, and it's easy to see why people went crazy for the Spark."

Let's put 920 into perspective. For one thing, it's crazy up from the 151 Spark EVs sold in March 2015 and the 97 sold in April 2014. It's also almost as many as GM sold all last year, and way more than two years ago. The General sold 653 Spark EVs in 2013 and 1,146 in 2014. To throw in a comparison with GM's longstanding plug-in champion, the aging Volt, the Spark EV came out ahead in the monthly tally for the first time ever. In April, the Volt sold 905 units. The plug-in hybrid's best-ever sales month was August 2013, when it sold 3,351 units. Counting all models and powertrains, Chevy sold 3,743 Sparks in April.

So, does this success mean that Chevy is looking to bring the Spark EV to more markets? Bluhm said that GM is considering other states and is always looking at the business case, but has "nothing to announce yet."

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