Fast & Furious moments recreated in GTA5, thanks The Internet

Despite all of the controversy that surrounds its violence, the Grand Theft Auto series makes for a great canvas for creativity, in addition to being a fun video game. Sure, players can stick to the storyline or just drive around, but other people use the software's engine to recreate Terminator 2, Top Gear and a whole lot more pop culture. Given both franchises penchant for automotive mayhem, seeing a similar homage to The Fast & Furious is hardly surprising.

This clip is dedicated to Paul Walker, and it tries to recreate some Furious 7 moments from within GTA5 with characters that look like him and Vin Diesel, though the Diesel stand-in is way too skinny to look much like the muscular star. Walker's digital double does a little better, though, and the video's creator skillfully captures the film's feel.

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