We've seen no shortage of zany stunts in the huge, open world of Grand Theft Auto V. A quick YouTube search reveals a huge variety of videos, with people crashing and/or blowing up planes, boats, cars and whatever else they come across in the world of San Andreas. This, though, might be our new favorite way of taking advantage of GTA's many, many forms of amusement.

Someone Some genius has recreated the iconic chase scene from Terminator 2: Judgment Day in GTAV. They even overlaid the audio from the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, adding a sense of realism and familiarity. What's really remarkable, though, is how true they've stayed to the overall look and feel of the original scene.

We've embedded both the GTA remake and the original scene below. Scroll down and have a look at both of them and then let us know what you think in Comments. Be sure to watch to the end too, there are some entertaining outtakes from the GTA scene.

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