Steal some stuff, blow some stuff up, drive real fast. Therein lies the basic goodness of the monster-hit video game Grand Theft Auto V, and, it's fair to say, the essence of more than a couple of blockbuster movies and fan-favorite television franchises.

YouTubers CinemaSins seem to grasp this commonality more than most, as the outfit has strung together cut scenes from the game with evocative music, lines and effects from shows and films that many of us hold dear. What's more, being as GTA V is essentially a car game, the clever mashup dips into a lot of our favorite motive-themed segments of cinema. National Lampoon's Vacation is an easy one (everyone knows the Dundreary Regina is based on the Wagon Queen Family Truckster), but references to Breaking Bad and Miami Vice are equally spot-on. Also, extra points to CinemaSins for getting Teen Wolf in there... we love that movie. See if you can identify all the references in the video below.

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