Grand Theft Auto 5 gets Top Gear intro treatment

Grand Theft Auto is more than just a video game series – it's a scathing commentary on modern life. The brutal parodies of the game come fast and furious from the start, and continue through most of the story. Just hop into a car, turn on the radio and go for a cruise around Los Santos, and in short order, you'll hear some truly absurd things. Examples in Grand Theft Auto 5 include a campaign advertisement that lampoons the stuff we hear every few Novembers and the continuing story of a Fruit (the game's version of Apple) fanboy and his quest to wait in line, outside a store, for a phone that hasn't been released yet.

It's fair to say that anything from our phones to our social networks to our cars is fair game in the GTA universe. That also includes our television shows. Although not actually part of the game, this parody of the Top Gear intro, complete with a MIDI-ized version of The Allman Brothers' classic ditty Jessica, is just the sort of thing we'd expect if Rockstar Games chose to spoof Clarkson, Hammond and May. Have a look below for the full clip.

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