While there's no shortage of five- or ten-minute time wasters on the Internet, we humbly submit MotorWeek's awesome series of retro reviews as the best way to take up a short break. This time around, we have a classic Porsche from the 1980s, with John Davis reviewing the 944 Turbo.

With a whopping 247 horsepower, the 944 Turbo still represents something of a performer even today, with Davis and Company recording a solid 5.7-second sprint to 60. While it might hold its own against today's hot hatchbacks, it's clear that today's vehicles have come a very long way in terms of interior equipment.

Among the things MotorWeek highlights that seem weirdly out of place today include the passenger front airbag and, among the variety of old fashioned controls scattered throughout he cabin, the hilarious equalizer controls for the 10-speaker Blaupunkt stereo.

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