Peugeot teases mystery concept

Peugeot has released a short teaser clip for an unidentified design, disclosing little more than to refer to it as a "Mystery Concept Car." The 25-second clip indicates that the design blends elements from GTs, supercars and racing prototypes, but the French automaker isn't saying much more for the time being.

Speculation is the design could be a preview for a Vision Gran Turismo concept for GT6. But while Peugeot doesn't typically make road-going supercars – and isn't likely to make one in the future – it has been known to produce some rather dramatic show cars, like the Exalt concept from last year and the Onyx from 2012. And of course, it was at the forefront of prototype racing when the 908 beat Audi to the finish line at Le Mans in 2009. But we'll just have to wait and see what the Lion marque has in store for us this time.

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