Tesla hotel driver planning million-dollar road trip

Steve Sasman Wants To Make His EV The Most-Photographed Car Of The Summer

Steve Sasman is a man with a plan. A lot of them, actually. He's the mind behind the Tesla hotel that offers a night's stay in the back of his luxury EV, which we found quite comfortable. Now, Sasman is taking his Model S transcontinental with a plan to drive it 20,000 miles over four months this summer through the US and Canada, and you can join him on the journey.

Sasman calls the idea the Million Dollar Tesla Trip, and that big number comes from his idea to sell sponsorship to wrap around the whole car. His plan is to hold press conferences at Tesla Superchargers in both countries and he wants to make his Model S the most-photographed vehicle of the summer.

This isn't going to be a lonely, solo journey, though. Sasman is looking for interesting people, those with a cause and entrepreneurs to sit shotgun with him for part of the expedition. They get to tell their story and appear on his show called Supercharged. With an additional focus on checking out some of the towns along the way with locals as a guide, Sasman's plan seems like both a travelogue and a publicity stunt. Depending on his guests, it might make for an interesting road trip.

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