Our first assumption upon reading the latest Tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk is that the topic at hand was the company's emerging home energy storage business. But there's a potential that there's something actually new coming soon from from the world's most-followed EV company.

Here's what Musk Tweeted yesterday: Surprise, but this set off a wave of speculation, including the idea that Tesla is going to announce a motorcycle. Musk's followers on Twitter went even further, talking about a Tesla phone, hoverboard and electric snowmobile. Our money is still on that home battery because a.) Tesla has been testing just such a system for years now and b.) Musk is chairman of SolarCity, which is also integrating stationary energy storage with the electricity grid. If that's not exciting enough for Musk to Tweet about, then perhaps some sort of new charging option for the Model S (wireless, anyone?) is a possibility as well. We welcome your speculation in the Comments below.

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