BMW doubles i8 production to meet demand

Bimmer's Germany Factory Will Make About 20 A Day

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They're not exactly Ford F-150 pickup truck numbers, but global sales of the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid are spurring the German automaker to step up the supercar's pace of production. As rumored, Bimmer, which has been pretty happy with sales of its i3 electric vehicle, is going to double the production pace of the i8. BMW's Germany factory will now put out about 20 i8 vehicles a day, Automotive News Europe says.

That should cut down the wait time for the model, which started sales in both Europe last June and in the US two months later. Right now, buyers have to wait about four months to get their i8 plug-in vehicles, Automotive News Europe says, citing German outlet Automobil Produktion. Given that the cars retail for $135,000, we suspect these are people who probably aren't accustomed to wait for much.

In January, BMW said that it sold almost 18,000 i3 and i8 plug-in vehicles last year globally, with about a third of those going to the US. Specifically, BMW moved 555 units of the i8 last year (and the vehicle was really only available for about five months) and another 198 through February. Through February, Bimmer also moved 1,759 units of the i3.

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