Campagna celebrates with T-Rex 20th anniversary edition

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Most vehicles on the market count their lifecycle in years. But not the Campagna T-Rex. Almost as if it's trying to live up to its Cretaceous-era name, the T-Rex has been around for decades. Two decades, to be precise, and to mark the occasion, the French-Canadian company that builds it is launching a special 20th anniversary edition.

This limited edition is based on the T-Rex 16S we drove almost two years ago (and not on the Kawasaki-powered 14R we drove the year prior), which means it comes with a BMW-sourced, 1.6-liter inline-six motorcycle engine driving 160 horsepower to that fat rear tire. What sets it apart, though, is the red frame, along with black rims, leather steering wheel, carbon trim and special badges. Only 20 highly symbolic and individually numbered examples will be offered, each with a sticker price pegged at $69,999 – representing an $8k premium over the standard T-Rex 16S.

Made in Boucherville, Quebec, just across the river from Montreal, the T-Rex is a low-slung vehicle with two wheels up front, one in the back and a motorcycle engine in the middle. The concept was first devised by Daniel Campagna in 1988 and hit the Canadian market in 1995 before reaching the US in 2001. The company was taken over by André Morissette and David Neault in 2008 and merged with the Harley-powered, retro-styled V13R they were developing at the time, which began production alongside the T-Rex in 2011.
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BOUCHERVILLE, March 20, 2015 – To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the T-REX, Campagna Motors is launching a BMW-powered limited anniversary edition. Only 20 units of the high-end model will be produced worldwide, each with a unique number between 01 and 20.

"After 20 years, the T-REX is still the three-wheel vehicle of reference, thanks to our innovative approach, unparalleled styling, and the exciting, unmatched level of performance they provide. This special edition T-REX is a prime example of what I mean," said André Morissette, president of Campagna Motors.


The 20th anniversary special edition respects the essence of the T-REX by offering a one-of-a-kind high-performance limited-edition vehicle.

This T-REX model is a real standout with its entirely red chassis, bodywork with distinctive two-tone design, black rims, leather-wrapped steering wheel and an authentic Campagna "carbon kit". The T-REX 20th anniversary commemorative logo (in French in recognition of its Quebec roots) is permanently positioned to various key locations: laser engraved on the dashboard's multi-controller button, on a special motor plate and embossed in the custom leather seats.

This edition is powered by a 160-hp 6-cylinder inline BMW engine and features an adjustable Campagna Stage 5 suspension, a high-performance braking system and an engine plate with its own exclusive ventilation system. Suggested retail price is $69,999.


The Campagna Motors story began in the late 1980s with Daniel Campagna's vision of a comfortable street-legal vehicle delivering exhilarating acceleration and precision handling. Before commissioning renowned automotive designer Paul Deutschman to give a unique design to the frame, Campagna developed a vehicle with an amazing power-to-weight ratio and outstanding driving dynamics. The result was the critically acclaimed T-REX. Campagna Motors innovations have since then respected these fundamental principles.


Over the years Campagna vehicles have generated tremendous interest among many celebrities including Jay Leno and former NFL player Antwaan Randel El. T-REX models were featured in the Black Eyed Peas video Imma Be, in the Mindfreak 6 television show starring Criss Angel and in a CSI: New York episode with Danica Patrick. It was also given away at the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas.


Founded in 1988, Campagna Motors is an innovative vehicle manufacturer based in Montreal. The company designs, hand-builds and distributes powerful, stylish, innovative, street-legal and unique three-wheeled vehicles, with many V13R and T-REX owners around the world. As the global leader in this niche market, Campagna Motors is also one of the only manufacturers offering side-by-side seating.

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