Ford factors big in the British market, as does GM's Vauxhall brand. But one automaker that will be missing from the UK from here on out will be Chrysler, as the latest reports coming in from the British Isles indicate that the American brand is closing up shop.

For the past few years, Chrysler has been selling a combination of its own models as well as rebadged Lancias to British customers, but has been having a tough time making a go of it. After just a few short years of lackluster sales, Chrysler UK ceased selling the Delta, and according to Auto Express, is now withdrawing the 300C and Grand Voyager as well. That leaves just the Ypsilon, which will reportedly continue on an on-demand basis if customers ask for it, but even that will end by 2017.

The withdrawal of the Chrysler brand from the British market mirrors that of Lancia, under whose name the same models are sold in continental Europe but which is now being confined strictly to Italy, where it will similarly continue to sell the Ypsilon.

Of course that doesn't mean that FCA is withdrawing from the British market altogether. The Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo and Jeep brands will continue being offered in the UK, as will Maserati and Ferrari. Just don't expect to see many wing-badged Chryslers on the high street anymore – not that you would have until now. Last year the Chrysler brand reportedly sold fewer than 2,000 units in the UK, compared to the 10,000+ examples of just the Fiat 500 it moves there every month.

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