New Ford GT to carry $400k-price tag

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The last time Ford made a GT, it built more than 4,000 of them and sold each one for around $150,000. Judging by the premiums at which they later traded, they were evidently worth a lot more than that. But this time, the new Ford GT will be far more expensive and far more scarce.

Official performance, production and pricing figures have yet to be released, but upon the new American supercar's European debut in Geneva, Ford performance chief Dave Pericak indicated it would be priced competitively with the Lamborghini Aventador – which carries a base sticker price approaching $400,000, Car and Driver reported. Combine that with production expected to number in the hundreds, not the thousands, and you're not likely to be seeing any of these Blue Oval halo cars in your neighborhood anytime soon.

The question then becomes: will the price tag will be justified? With carbon-fiber construction and more than 600 horsepower on tap, it very well could be. And if speculators are going to drive up the actual sale prices, we don't see why Ford shouldn't get what the product is worth. But whether the world is ready for a $400,0000-Ford is another question entirely.

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