Unless you're one of the squillionaires who'll be taking part in its custom-tailored track program, chances are slim that you'll ever see the new McLaren P1 GTR ripping around a racing circuit. Chances are even slimmer that you'd see it running in tandem with the legendary, Le Mans-conquering McLaren F1 GTR from which it takes its inspiration. Fortunately, the British racing team turned exotic automaker has released footage of exactly that, with both track-tuned supercars decked out in the same yellow and green livery.

The new GTR, in case you missed the news, is a new track version of the McLaren P1 hybrid hypercar. It's lighter than the road-going version and packs more power (along with a series of other upgrades) to make this one of the most extreme machines Woking has ever offered to private customers. Whether it's faster than the F1 GTR, however, is another question – and one which we'd pay good money to see answered, or better yet, answer ourselves. In the meantime we're looking forward to seeing McLaren take the wraps off its new track machine at the Geneva show.

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