New Zealander builds 1962 Ferrari GTO replica in chicken shed

The Ferrari 250 GTO is one of the most gorgeous vehicles ever made, but with just 39 produced, they're also some of the most expensive cars in the world, often setting records when they occasionally come up for auction. The eye-watering price presents an insanely steep barrier of entry to ownership, which has led at least one buyer to pursue a different option: simply creating his own. While the beautiful example in the video above isn't an authentic, original Ferrari, the story behind this replica goes far beyond some cheap knockoff slapped together haphazardly.

Surrounded by crowing roosters and waddling ducks, Rod Temporo doesn't immediately strike you as a guy who would be building exacting replica racers in his shed. However, first impressions aren't always accurate, and Temporo is a maestro when it comes to metalwork. He has been doing this for decades and has recreated all sorts of vintage vehicles, including a beautiful Jaguar XJ13.

Temporo and his team are true artisans. They make their own wood bucks for the body and then bang out the metal body with hammers and an English wheel. According to the video, it took them about four years to complete this 1962 GTO replica starting from scratch. The end result is a piece of automotive art.

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