eBay Find of the Day: Ultra-rare AMC AMX/3 prototype ready for restoration

  • Image Credit: aca-dave via YouTube
For much of the United States, it's still going to be pretty cold for the next few weeks, likely with some snow on the ground. That makes pursuing many outdoor hobbies a tad difficult, but here's a fantastic project to keep you in the garage for quite a while. This 1970 American Motors Corporation AMX/3 is up for sale on eBay Motors, and once complete would likely make you very popular at any car show this summer.

The AMC AMX/3 was meant to be the automaker's halo model by combining svelte, European styling and the company's own V8 mounted behind the driver. However, the plan never quite worked out. Famous Italian designer Giotto Bizzarrini crafted the sharp-nosed shape, but the impending five-mile-per-hour bumper mandate in the US and rising costs scuttled the project. Before that could happen a handful of examples were completed, though.

According to the seller of this example, it was the fourth prototype built and was on display at the Turin Motor Show when new. When AMC shut down the AMX/3 project, the company sold off the completed vehicles, and this one has remained with the original owner since then. At some point, the car was put into storage, but it recently began a restoration. The owner has only just decided to sell the coupe.

The auction listing is open that potential buyers should do some due diligence before bidding. The seller claims to have all of the original documentation to give provenance to this car. However, an AMX/3 that was reported to be number four was sold in 2014. Also, according to Hemmings Daily, there were actually six examples made – five by Bizzarrini and one by his business partner from leftover parts after the project ended.

Regardless of the build order, this is still an intriguing chance to own a piece of European style and American muscle in a very rare package. The auction ends on Thursday, January 29. As of this writing, the car sits at $100,400 with the reserve not yet met.

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