New Jersey police officer appears to shoot man during traffic stop

Authorities have released video that appears to show police in Bridgeton, NJ, fatally shooting an unarmed man in December after he exited his car against an officer's orders during a traffic stop.

Jerame C. Reid, who was a passenger, got out of the vehicle, a Jaguar, with his hands in the air, prompting officers to open fire, reported the Press of Atlantic City. Police and the local prosecutor declined to comment on the video, according to the newspaper.

The video was released in response to open record requests made by media. It was taken by a camera mounted on the dashboard of the police car.

The video shows an officer, Braheme Days, approaching the car and then asking Reid for his driver's license. Days then draws his revolver and calls to his partner, Roger Worley, that there was a gun in the car. Days pulled a handgun from the car. An exchange follows between Reid and Days, who then got out of the car and the officers started shooting.

The driver of the car, Leroy Tutt, kept his hands in view of the officers through his window and was not harmed. The shooting is under investigation, as required by the state's attorney general. Reid's death sparked controversy, and a rally and a vigil were held earlier this month in New Jersey.

Reid, 36 had a previous record, the Press said, and fired shots at three New Jersey State troopers in 1994. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Meanwhile, the newspaper reports that city residents have filed nine complaints against Days and Worley for harassment, though they all have been dismissed.

Disclaimer: the footage below is violent and contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advise.

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