Last time we rode with Chris Harris we were shotgun in the tan leather seat of his used-yet-immaculate Ferrari FF. This time we're strapped into a black racing bucket of a filthy Porsche 911 rally car, one that led Harris to effuse, "I don't think I've driven a more exciting car this year, hypercars included."

The thrills come courtesy of a 997-series Cup Car that's been reworked by Tuthill Porsche to run in the RGT-class rally series that will piggyback on five World Rally Championship and European Rally Championship races this year. It's not quite the Rothmans Dakar monster, but the RGT series gives privateers an affordable way into rallying with cars that look different and are different from one another. This one kept its 3.8-liter, 444-horsepower 997 Cup engine, but the 39-milllimeter restrictor drops that to about 350 hp. Beyond that are a new rollcage, gear ratios, suspension, fuel tank, underfloor protection and just about everything else. Said the man who built it, it cost "a lot, and it's still costing."

But Harris says even though you "have to have your wits about you," it's a hoot to drive. And this is one of the few times you'll hear the phrase "What a tool!" used as a compliment. Check it out in the video above.

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