Chris Harris reviews his personal, two-year-old Ferrari FF [w/video]

Here's the kind of take you don't get too often. In fact, it hardly ever happens. Fan favorite Chris Harris has wanted a Ferrari FF since he saw it for the first time, but he couldn't get his bank account to comply with his desires. So he waited a couple of years for the price to come down, and found a specimen he could talk himself - and Ferrari Finance - into: a 2012 in Tour de France Blue with tan leather and 6,000 miles for the 'What, me worry?" price of 160,000 pounds ($249K US).

Harris said that after putting 45,000 pounds down, his monthly payment is 1,400 ($2,177 US) pounds per month. He also said, "Sometimes you just have to do stupid things because you want to do stupid things."

Five months in, Harris has no regrets, and in the beginning of the review he gets to one of the primary points that makes us fall in love with cars that can never be exploited on public roads: They make you feel equal parts badass and beastly and baronial at every speed. Or as Harris puts it, it's a "frankly ridiculous motorcar." In the best way. Check out his always-compelling take in the video.

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