Is that a Cascada on Buick's Detroit show stand?

The above image is a close-up of one particular car spotted in a rendering that Buick provided of its stand at next week's Detroit Auto Show. Two doors, four seats, no top, deep and arcing shoulder line - any idea what that might be? We're going to guess it's the coming Buick Cascada, only we're stretching the definition of the word "guess" since the car is a dead ringer for the Americanized Opel droptop, which we drove more than a year ago.

Looks like it's finally going to get the 'Official' treatment as a 2016 model, after it was shown to dealers last August. There have also been rumors that the car will be called Velite, but newer rumblings out of the Renaissance Center suggest that such gossip is a dead-end. The Cascada will enter a segment with no real competitors, since the Chrysler 200 ragtop is gone and a Buick convertible vs. Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro convertibles isn't really a thing, and we think will make a nice expansion of the brand's model-range footprint. The big bit of news we're waiting for is what's going to power it, a Euro-sourced four-cylinder with 168 or 197 horsepower? We don't have long to wait to find out.

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