Turbocharged Datsun 510 oozes old-school cool

According to host Matt Farah, one of the best ways to find cool cars is, quite simply, to keep your eyes open when out driving yourself. In the case of this sweet custom Datsun 510 Coupe, we're not sure which sense is better: Sight, to take in its lovely blue hues and timeless shape, or hearing, to absorb the good vibrations emitted by the turbocharged beating heart that has been lovingly transplanted underhood. For those keeping track, Farah says it now makes almost four times its original 95 horsepower.

Fortunately, you don't have to choose a single sense to focus on. A quick click of the play button above is all you need to both see and hear this charming blue Datsun take to the road, with Farah happily behind the wheel. As an added bonus, you'll be treated to some truly beautiful vistas as the car snakes through some serpentine roads, wastegate and blow-off valve whistling like a tea kettle all the way.

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