This family has a trio of beautiful BMW E28 5 Series

The Caccavo family is not like yours. They're actually far, far cooler. Rather than dad driving a pickup, mom piloting a crossover and son getting about in a clapped-out compact, each member of the family has their very own second-generation BMW 5 Series.

Father Dean's M5, mom DonnaRae's 528e and son Austin's 535is were, remarkably, all purchased for under $10,000, after the family made a maximum-price rule for its cars. The E28 obsession all started innocently enough, with Dean's M5. Shortly after that, DonnaRae snapped up the 535is. When it came time to buy a car, his parents told him he'd need to get a job and make the purchase on his own. He agreed, under one condition – that he was able to buy his mom's 535is. Once the deal was said and done, DonnaRae found she'd acquired the E28 bug, and promptly bought herself the 528e.

Petrolicious has the entire story on the Caccavos and their E28s, available in its latest installment. Check it out.

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