It seems that the automotive world might be right on the cusp of getting some kind of follow-up to the Ford GT. It might not be called the GT or even use the coupe's retro look, but rumors point to such a beast being on the way. If the future halo model can inspire as much adoration among fans as the previous ones, then the Blue Oval is sure to have another winner on its hands.

To get idea just how closely GT owners are bonded to their cars, take a ride with the participants in the ninth Ford GT National Rally in this short documentary titled Dust Devils. The owners convened with over 80 of the retro supercars in Las Vegas, NV, to admire the coupes and give them a workout on the desert roads. It's especially nice to see the drivers of these limited production Fords unafraid to take their cars to the track and stretch their legs a little.

There's just something about the shape of the GT and the GT40 before it that gets everything right aesthetically. The long, low-slung look is simultaneously menacing and lithe, and the growl from the latest model's supercharged V8 is nothing to complain about either. Get just the slightest taste of what it's like to have one of these halo Fords in this clip, from the people that love them the most.

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