US Honda Civic to get Type R engine

  • Image Credit: James Lipman
Honda is bent on kicking butt and taking names with its upcoming new Civic Type R, but since the Japanese hot hatch is based on the European model and isn't slated to come to the United States, it's been of little consolation to American enthusiasts. But if you're one of them, we've got good news for you.

According to Spanish site Motor Y Racing, a US version of the Civic Type R is in the works. The salient part of the Type R that would make the oceanic voyage to US showrooms would be the 2.0-liter turbo four that's said to produce between 276 and 320 horsepower, but we could expect upgraded suspension, rolling stock and other equipment to come as part of the package as well.

Just what form it would take we don't know. Currently American Honda offers the Civic as a coupe or sedan - not as a hatchback or wagon like it does overseas - so chances are that it'd be one of these betrunked body-styles that would get the upgrades. We're hoping for something more than an upgrade of the current Civic Si.

Competing rumors suggest that Honda could offer that same engine in a revised version of the CR-Z hybrid hatchback, which has long been begging for a more potent powerplant. But that's not to say that Honda couldn't offer both with the new turbo VTEC engine. Having driven prototypes for more performance-oriented versions of both the Civic and the CR-Z at Honda's R&D center in Japan a little over a year ago, this writer could tell you that either prospect bodes well for the return of the red H badge to the high-performance arena.

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