Maserati marks centenary with 50,000th unit at Grugliasco

Maserati is celebrating its centenary this year, but if that wasn't enough of a milestone, the Trident marque has reached another, completing its 50,000th unit at its plant in Grugliasco.

Whether 50,000 seems like a lot or a little depends largely on your perspective. Toyota, for example, sold over three times that many cars in the United States alone just this past month. But for Maserati and the Grugliasco plant, it's an awful lot.

The plant was acquired not long ago from the failed Bertone coachbuilding operation to bolster the principal site in Modena. It just kicked off production barely two years ago in January 2013 and handles assembly of the Quattroporte and Ghibli – Maserati's top sellers, but hardly what you'd call "volume models" by any means.

The landmark 50,000th vehicle was a Quattroporte S Q4 in dark grey with a red and black interior, bound for the US market that's reaching new sales records for the ambitious Mondenese automaker.

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