UK town letting volunteers clock speeders results in predictable logjam

Give someone a hammer and every problem looks like a nail; hand volunteers radar guns and expect to find a whole lot of speeders – too many in fact. The police in a village in England can't keep up with the paperwork from all of the scofflaws. Now, the cops are asking these folks to stop trying to enforce the speed limit.

The village of Ticknall had an issue with speeders and accidents along a stretch of road entering the town, and the citizens had the limit reduced to 30 miles per hour in the area. However, drivers weren't so willing to slow down. To curb the problem further, the police handed over radar guns to volunteers to nab those that were going too fast.

However, the townsfolk might have been too successful in their work. In 10 operations, they caught around 200 vehicles doing at least 6 mph over the limit, according to The Telegraph. Drivers caught by the volunteers didn't get any real punishment, just a warning letter from the police. Although, the cops had to process and send out all of these missives, an extra burden to their work.

Despite the request to stop, the citizens plan to keep up their work nabbing speeders. "But we will keep doing the speedwatches because if we don't do something someone will be killed. The police are doing what they can with the resources they have," said Kevin Harris, one of the volunteers, to The Telegraph. The police say they plan to increase actual radar checks along the route.

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