Pay a visit to Elio Motors factory, where life is returning

We're One Year Out From Job One, Apparently

Elio Motors continues to move forward on building a high-efficiency three-wheeled vehicle for the masses. For proof, take a look at a new local news clip of the inside of an old General Motors factory in Shreveport, LA. This is where Elio is going to build the lightweight, 84-mile-per-gallon vehicle, and it has started opening the doors to the media.

Elio started in 2008 with its fanciful, efficient dream. The reality is that it takes a lot to build a car and founder Paul Elio realizes that when he's in the still fairly empty plant. "It's kinda eerie," he told KTAL NBC 6. "Kinda like there should be, like ghosts of workers here." The factory should be full of workers and building cars a year from now, he said. Watch the video below.

As of last week, the company claimed to have 35,373 reservations, which is an impressive number and way higher than the 10,000 reported back in February. It should be noted, though, that those reservations did not require anyone to put down the full $6,800 MSRP. Reservations could be had for as little as $100. Still, 35,000 people showing an interest in a cheap, odd-looking and highly efficient vehicle is certainly an impressive number.

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