The folks in the ad department for Mercedes-Benz in Europe were certainly being creative when they came up with the company's latest commercial. The bizarre spot is simultaneously an ode to that Patrick Swayze classic Dirty Dancing, a favorite of mom's everywhere, while also being weirdly sexual.

Appropriately titled Dirty Driving, the commercial stars the latest S63 AMG Coupe and Mercedes' Actros semi truck from Europe and tells the story of two lovers meeting, dancing and eventually having a baby. There's obviously nothing explicit about the commercial, but it's very suggestive about what's going on. There's no question about the point that the ad is trying to get across...

Check out the video to see Mercedes' vision of the love child of a luxury sports GT and a semi truck. Stay tuned afterward because there's a bondage and censored cut of the spot that makes it all even weirder. The German brand definitely has an original way to try to sell a vehicle, eh?

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Information

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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