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The CT6 will be a rolling buffet of GM's latest technologies.

Cadillac generated a minor firestorm this week by announcing plans to move its headquarters from Detroit to New York in 2015. But that's about the third-most important thing going on with Cadillac right now.

For starters, Cadillac also confirmed the name of its new rear-wheel-drive flagship sedan this week. It will be called CT6, and that signals a new nomenclature strategy for Cadillac, which will be slowly phased in as models are redesigned or replaced.

The CT6 will be The Car for Cadillac. It goes into production late next year, and executives have been touting it as the brand's new flagship for months. If Cadillac is to be a legitimate luxury brand, it needs to have a true competitor to face off against the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series and others.

The value of the CT6 cannot be understated. It will be a rolling buffet of General Motors' latest technologies, including its semi-autonomous drive feature, Super Cruise. GM has said it will use Cadillac as its platform to debut new technologies, something in which the brand has deep roots. While it's not expected to generate huge sales volume, Cadillac hopes the CT6 will create a buzz and get consumers into its showrooms. They might not buy a CT6, but maybe they'll test drive an ATS, or so the thinking goes.
Cadillac CTS

It's hard to aspire to be The Standard of the World, when you're not winning in your home market.

Speaking of sales, Cadillac is doing well in many markets around the world, but its sales are down 4.7 percent this year in the United States. That's a problem. It's hard to aspire to be The Standard of the World, when you're not winning in your home market.

Enter Jim Bunnell. Lost amid the flurry of news this week, Cadillac appointed a new US sales vice president, and Bunnell will be charged with jumpstarting the brand in its largest market. It's perplexing to industry observers why Cadillac's sales are declining, yet its product range has won awards and has been generally well-received.

"The brand perception of what these products align to has been lagging," said Mark Reuss, GM's executive vice president of product development, purchasing and supply chain.

Obviously, GM hopes sending Cadillac to New York will help the brand connect more closely with coastal customers. Cadillac is becoming a "separate business unit" under the leadership of new president Johan de Nysschen. The headquarters in the trendy Soho neighborhood will be home to about 50 marketing and sales staff, though the majority of the brand's employees will remain in Michigan. With such a small headcount, it's fair to question how much of a headquarters this really is. Relocation almost seems like a distraction for Cadillac.

A New York address might help revive the brand. It probably won't hurt, but it's not nearly as important as building compelling cars or bolstering sales in the United States.

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