Tony Stewart will not face criminal charges for the death of racer Kevin Ward, Jr., TMZ Sports is claiming. The official announcement from the grand jury will be made available at 3:00 p.m. today.

Last we heard was that the case was being put before a grand jury, who would decide whether the three-time Sprint Cup champ would stand trial for the death of the 20-year-old racer.

According to TMZ, the grand jury viewed "enhanced video" of the August 9 incident, which saw Ward get out of his car in the middle of a sprint car race to angrily confront Stewart following a crash. As he approached the car, he was struck and thrown towards the track wall. He was attended to by medical personnel, but was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital near the Ontario County, NY track.

We'll update this story once the grand jury's formal announcement is available.

UPDATE: Michael Tantillo, the Ontario County, NY district attorney, has confirmed that Stewart will not be indicted on charges relating to Kevin Ward, Jr.'s, death. Scroll down for the full statement on the grand jury announcement.

UPDATE 2: According to The Los Angeles Times, a toxicology screening confirmed that Kevin Ward Jr., had marijuana in his system at the time of his death. "The levels were enough to impair his judgment," District Attorney Michael Tantillo said. It's not clear what role this had in the grand jury's decision.
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DATE: September 24, 2014

This week an Ontario County grand jury has been meeting to hear testimony and review evidence gathered in the Tony Stewart matter, relating to the death of Kevin Ward at the Canandaigua Motor Speedway on August 9, 2014. The grand jury has completed its investigation.

During the course of the grand jury presentation, approximately two dozen witnesses testified. These included a number of race car drivers, racetrack employees and volunteers, two accident reconstruction experts, medical personnel, and a number of police officers. In addition, the grand jury reviewed a number of photographs and video recordings, as well as other documentary evidence. After listening to and questioning all of the witnesses, and reviewing all of the evidence, the grand jury has determined that there is no basis to charge Tony Stewart with any crimes; his case was "No-Billed" by the grand jury.

Michael Tantillo

Ontario County District Attorney

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