Have you ever wanted to drive a Formula 1 car but know that you're too old, don't have the skill or lack the time and money to rise up the ranks? A new program called GP Experience claims to be the first program of its kind in North America to give people the chance to get behind the wheel an F1 car, as part of a day of high-performance driving.

The day includes instruction lapping in go-karts and eventually steps up to driving supercars. Of course, the climax is getting to do three laps in one of GP Experience's former F1 cars. There are also chances to do rounds of the circuit in the program's F1X3 three-seaters piloted by a professional.

Obviously, you're not driving Sebastian Vettel's championship-winning Red Bull from last year. According to GP Experience's FAQ, the chassis for its F1 cars are from between 2005 and 2008, and they use V8 or V10 engines from Cosworth, Judd and Peugeot that make in excess of 600 horsepower. The company's press release also claims that after graduating from the first level of the program, people can keep training and potentially get the opportunity to drive Kimi Raikkonen's 2012 Lotus E20.

GP Experience already has its first events scheduled for later this year at tracks like Thermal Club in Palm Springs, CA, and Palm Beach International Raceway in Florida that cost $6,995 for a day of driving. There are also two courses set at the Circuit of the Americas track for $9,995.

Obviously, these prices aren't cheap for a day at the track, but there also aren't many other opportunities out there to drive an F1 car, even for just a few laps. This is one way to tick it off the bucket list. Scroll down to read more.
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The Ultimate Drive & Ride Experience: Authentic Experience Allowing Enthusiasts a Rare Chance to Live Their Formula One Fantasy. Now Available in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

(September 22, 2014) – The GP Experience is excited to introduce the first program of its kind in North America allowing enthusiasts the excitement of driving an actual F1 racecar.

The GP Experience takes participants through a thrilling day of driving culminating behind the wheel of an authentic 620-hp Formula One Grand Prix car. The special program allows enthusiasts a chance to go beyond their wildest F1 dreams in a setting designed to feel the power, performance, and adrenaline behind a pedigreed Formula One racecar. F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, and The GP Experience treats participants just like a professional Formula One Driver.

With a calendar of daylong driving events held at selected tracks across the country including the home of the U.S. Grand Prix, Circuit of the Americas, The GP Experience instructs participants in style with a top-flight team of professional drivers, mechanics, engineers, physiotherapists, and F1 class hospitality. The day begins with a Go-Karting introduction, followed by track sessions in a fleet of supercars. Participants will receive all appropriate and necessary coaching instruction from professional drivers alongside a support team that specializes in F1 racing.

The day continues, as participants become one of the very few in the world to experience driving a Formula One racecar. The F1 drive will be followed by a series of hot laps in a modified Formula One three-seater with guests riding alongside with a professional driver at high speeds.

"Our program was developed with the expertise of LRS Formula is very unique and exclusive for F1 enthusiasts in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. More importantly, after you've signed up for and graduated the first level of The GP Experience, you become eligible for more laps as part of our GP Driver's club with access to Kimi Raikkonen's E20 Lotus - the very same car he raced in the 2012 World Championship at Circuit Of the Americas," says Jean Paul Libert, Co-Founder of the program.

Starting price for this special Formula One GP Experience is $6,995.00 ($9,995.00 at the Circuit of The Americas U.S. Grand Prix track). Participants interested in riding as a passenger in the F1 three-seater can do so for $999.00. Additional laps in the Formula One racecar can be booked upon request.

Available dates for the Formula 2014 – 2015 GP Experience include destinations all over North America and include corporate programs.

GP Experience is operated in affiliation with the Laurent Redon School (LRS Formula). A former Formula One and IndyCar driver, Redon was a member of the prestigious Benetton F1 driving academy in 2000. LRS has operated in Europe as a F1 academy since 2003. The company currently operates in at more than 10 different tracks across Europe. LRS Formula oversees all prep for the Formula One racecars that comprise the GP Experience as well as the well-known and exclusive I Race Lotus program.

For more information on the GP Experience or to book your seat, please visit www.GPExperience.us or call (844) DRIVE-F1

About GP Experience:
The GP Experience presented by Pirelli is the first program of its kind in North America, a chance to drive and ride in an authentic Formula One racecar. The company offers Formula One drive experiences in major cities across the United States and Monaco, Europe. The events are hosted by professional Driver Didier Theys (also the driving director for all DrivingXllence (DXL.us) events).

The GP Experience is operated in partnership with LRS Formula. For more information, please visit

The GP Experience is not officially associated in any way to the Formula One group of companies.

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