UPDATE: We've received confirmation from Tesla on details of the charging network, and have updated the text below accordingly.

To a Tesla Model S driver, 58 miles an hour is pretty tepid when it comes to driving speed. Recharging speed, though? That's a pretty good clip.

The California-based automaker is complementing the deployment of it high-powered Superchargers with slightly-less-super wall chargers that supply 80 amps and can provide almost 60 miles worth of driving in one hour of charging. That's about twice as fast as a 240-volt charger, though it's a fraction of the juice provided by the Superchargers that Tesla is building on at least three continents.

The Tesla Destination Charging Program, recently covered in The Wall Street Journal, features the Tesla High Power Wall Connector. Those devices have been deployed at almost 110 hotels, beach parking lots and restaurants in North America, Tesla spokeswoman Alexis Georgeson confirmed to AutoblogGreen in an e-mail. Tesla just launched the program this spring and lists those chargers' locations on its website (www.teslamotors.com/findus).

With such chargers in place, getting 58 miles to the hour will be valuable for day-tripping Model S drivers who are just looking to get home without a tow. And, like the Superchargers, the wall chargers are free to use.

"By offering convenient destination charging services to Model S owners, these hotels and resorts are replicating the convenience our owners have become accustomed to at home," Georgeson said.

Tesla has deployed 111 Supercharger stations across North America, in addition to 59 stations in Europe and 13 in Asia. Neither the Superchargers nor the wall chargers are compatible with any other electric vehicles, so no soup for you, Nissan Leaf drivers.

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