Pininfarina Sergio gets its glass on for production [UPDATE]

UPDATE: We've received confirmation from Ferrari on certain details of the Sergio's production, and have updated the text below accordingly.

It's been nearly a year and a half since Pininfarina unveiled the Sergio at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, and now Ferrari is putting it into production – albeit with a few modifications.

The Pininfarina Sergio, for those who don't recall, was a wildly modified Ferrari 458 Spider with no roof, no windscreen and no glass to speak of whatsoever. Just a completely open top and a forward-canted roll bar that looked like it belonged as much on a speedboat as it would on a car. It was created to pay homage to the late Sergio Pininfarina, and shortly after its debut, reports already started surfacing of its potential production, however limited. Now those plans are going through.

Speaking exclusively with Autoblog, Ferrari has confirmed it is building six examples of the Sergio for private customers. "This extreme limited and exclusive series," said spokesman Matteo Torre, "celebrates 60 years of collaboration between Ferrari and Pininfarina."

To get it on the road, however, it seems that Ferrari has had to make some concessions to reality. Borrowing more heavily from the 458 Spider, the Sergio appears to have gained a proper windscreen as well as side glass. The headlight strip has apparently moved from the edge of the nose further up the hood, and those sculpted side vents seem to be sitting more flush along the flank, with vents opened up in the B-pillar instead. The seats inside the cockpit also appear to have been swapped out for stock, though the wheels look fairly similar to the showcar's.

In the end, if the photos circulating around (which you can see at the source but which Ferrari would not verify as of yet) are anything to go by, it seems the production Sergio is quite different from the concept – a sort of mid-point between it and the 458 on which it's based – but you can bet either way that those six customers have paid a handsome premium for the privilege.

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