At just about any other auto show, Pininfarina's Sergio Roadster would've been the uncontested showstopper – but at the Geneva Motor Show, where supercar reveals stack up like cordwood and there are plenty of coachbuilt classics-to-be, the Sergio was merely stunning.

But its beauty shouldn't be overlooked, and apparently it hasn't been – Pininfarina is seriously considering a very limited run of the roofless, windshield-free sports car. With just five or six examples in the possible production run, the Ferrari 458 Spider-based barchetta could fetch some three million euros. That's according to CEO Silvio Angori, who spoke with Automotive News Europe. A t the time the Sergio was introduced, we had heard that Pininfarina was mulling production, but this is the first time we've had even rough numbers assigned to the car.

The Sergio's aesthetic success hinges quite a bit on the roll bar element, which also serves as a rear spoiler, and it's quite low, which could pose production challenges. If sold as designed, European law would mandate that helmets be worn whenever it's driven on public roads. Apparently, Pininfarina is aware that plutocrats tend to not want "helmet hair" when popping down to the shops or going out for dinner, so a small windshield could be added to make the car more palatable for actual road use.

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