The troubles in Ferguson, MO have been well documented, but for every angle CNN and Fox News try to cover, few of them can match the attitude of someone that grew up in the area and fewer still can be presented without the troubling plague of sensationalism.

Road & Track's Max Prince is a St. Louis native, with a family that lives on what sounds like the city's equivalent of Detroit's Eight Mile Road. Prince ventured home in R&T's long-term Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, a vehicle which, until 1981, was a product of the blue-collar boroughs of Ferguson and the like, to get some on-the-ground perspective on the city's unrest and how things ended up turning into such a volatile powder keg.

His story makes for an eye-opening read, particularly if your knowledge of Ferguson has been colored solely by round-the-clock news channels. We'd strongly recommend giving it a read, so head over to Road & Track and take a look.

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