One construction company has taken a seven-day process and shrunk it down to about seven minutes in a new video that shows a Tesla Supercharger being built. And the video comes with some cool bluegrass music. Only in the USA.

Electric Conduit Construction took a time-lapse video of its building out a station next to a Holiday Inn Express in Goodland, KA, which is about 200 miles east of Denver, CO on Interstate 70. All the not-so-gory details are there, including the digging up of four-foot-deep trenches, pouring footings, backfilling with gravel and sand, and installing supercharger cabinets and fencing so that no one gets zapped.

Tesla Motors says it has 105 Supercharger stations strung across North America, which is impressive given that its station count was in the single digits as recently as last May. The company has said that there will be enough of such super-fast charging stations to be reachable by 98 percent of the US population via a Tesla Model S (we should all be so lucky to afford one) by next year. The California-automaker estimates that a half-hour plug-in at a Supercharger station can add as many as 170 miles worth of range to a Tesla Model S. See how one gets built in the video below.

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