Translogic 156: Illuminati Motor Works Seven

We Drive The 207 MPGe Automotive X-Prize Runner-Up

In 2010, the Automotive X-Prize offered a $10 million purse for the development of a street-legal car capable of achieving 100 miles per gallon equivalent. As intended, the challenge spurred innovation and creative thinking, leading to some of the most interesting green concepts we've seen at Translogic.

For some, the X-Prize journey ended when the Edison2 and E-Tracer were named the winners of their respective classes. But not so for runner-up Illuminati Motor Works and their all-electric Seven.

Host Jonathon Buckley heads to the cornfields of Central Illinois to drive the Seven, which leaves the X-Prize's criteria in the dust with its 207 MPGe rating. After years of tinkering, has the team at Illuminati finally perfected their vision for the Seven electric vehicle?

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