Illuminati Seven rated at 207.5 MPGe by EPA

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Back in June of 2010, the electric vehicle from Illuminati Motor Works, called Seven, was in pieces in the team's garage bay at the Automotive X-Prize Knockout Stage in Brooklyn, MI. Still, the team slapped the car together, and the haphazardly assembled Seven averaged 119.8 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) over three efficiency tests.

Recently, the worked-over Seven hit the Chrysler Proving Ground in Chelsea, MI for another round of efficiency tests. This time, with the Seven functioning near its optimum level of efficiency, the electrified sedan received an official rating – based on the EPA 74 test cycle – of 207.5 MPGe, making it the most efficient street-legal, full-size sedan in the world, according to Illuminati. For the sake of comparison, the Nissan Leaf is rated at 99 MPGe and the Chevrolet Volt hits 93 MPGe. For an in-depth explanation regarding the Seven's overall efficiency, check out Iluminati's blog here. Hat tip to Neil!

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[Source: Illuminati Motor Works]

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