Christopher Ward chrono has actual metal from a Ferrari 250 GTO

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We've seen watchmakers use all sorts of methods to make their timepieces more attractive to automotive enthusiasts, from carbon-fiber dials and titanium cases to the logos of partnering automakers and racing series. Some have even designed all-new watches to go with a specific make or model. But Christopher Ward has taken things a step further with its latest chronograph.

The new Christopher Ward C70 3527 GT chronometer eschews all the usual gimmicks and goes for a more interesting one: it actually includes in its construction metal taken from the restoration of a Ferrari 250 GTO – namely chassis number 3527 GT that belongs to one Irvine Laidlaw, a Scottish nobleman and one of the wealthiest individuals in the UK.

When Baron Laidlaw bought his GTO in 2005, he sent it in for a thorough restoration that involved replacing some corroded and damaged exterior body panels. The discarded metal was acquired by TMB Artmetal, which specializes in that sort of thing, and partnered with Christopher Ward to create this limited-edition timepiece. The metal was used to make the back plate on which the number 6 – in homage to 3527's iconic 6 GTO license plate – is etched by laser and placed under museum-grade sapphire crystal.

Otherwise the watch is similar to Ward's standard C70 Motorsport chronometer, but with a metallic red color scheme and bright yellow circle at 12 o'clock that's notably bolder than the watch which Hublot made for 250 GTO owners. It's powered by an ETA thermo-compensated, COSC-certified 251.233 caliber chronograph movement and is fixed to the wrist by a black Italian leather strap with red stitching and lining with Christopher Ward's patented clasp mechanism.

Only 100 examples will be made, available to pre-order for delivery in October at $2,950 – which may seem like a lot for a watch, but pales in comparison to the tens of millions at which GTOs are trading hands these days.

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