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Honda CR-V caught wearing facelift in Europe

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A few years on from its 2011 debut, the current Honda CR-V is preparing to go under the knife for a refresh. Typical of these sort of mid-cycle deals, the changes for Honda's popular CUV are minor.

The front of the car is home to the most dramatic (a relative term here) changes, with revised headlights sporting what looks like a slimmer profile. The three-bar grille has been heavily tweaked and is now a two-bar item, with a larger lower bar and a nose badge that covers both upper and lower sections.

The fascia itself has been modified with what looks like a larger lower intake, while the foglights have gone from the circular pattern of the current car to a rectangular pattern on the facelifted model. It looks like they'll still sport conventional bulbs, although the shape of the lights themselves look like a natural fit for a set of LED running lights (as is the trend).

Changes in the back are decidedly calmer. Honda has modified the rear bumper, and at least on these British-plated, Euro-spec CR-Vs, a larger set of reflectors have been integrated in a higher, more outboard position than on the current model. The taillights look to have undergone the most minor of changes, retaining the shape of the ones found on the current CR-V.

Finally, our spies point out that the cabin will be home to some very minor changes, as evidenced by the bits of camo on the center stack.

It should be noted that as these are European market vehicles, we may not see all of the changes to the North American market CR-V. That said, we're still expecting there to be some tweaks coming to our version of Honda's crossover sooner rather than later.

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