Grandma Sends Thank-You Letter To Citing Officer

An Idaho grandmother may be the first person in history to write a thank you note to the state trooper who issued her a speeding ticket.

Tana Baulmer was running late when she hit the road for a wedding at Yellowstone National Park with her grandkids, according to WFMY News. Wanting to get to her destination as quickly as possible so the little ones could see Old Faithful, she put the pedal to the metal. Unfortunately, she got a little too aggressive and was pulled over by state trooper Mike Nielson for going 20 mph over the speed limit.

Baulmer wound up being so impressed with Nielson's respectfulness with her and her grandkids that she had to write him a thank you note, even in spite of her $150 ticket.

"He was giving the kids stickers and little sheriffs badges," Baulmer told WFMY. "He was just really nice to them, and I thought that it was kind of nice just because then the four-year-old wasn't scared."

Nielson said he always keeps stickers on hand and that he approaches his job with the attitude of treating others the same way he would want them to treat his family.

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