The owner of a tow truck company in Orange County, Florida was arrested last week for targeting and illegally towing gay pride participants' cars.

Police charged Jason P. Combs, owner of ASAP Towing, with 29 counts of grand theft auto and other charges. He's accused of towing over a hundred cars between June 5 and June 9 during Orange County's "Gay Days," according to the Orlando Sentinel. Event attendees parked at a mall across the street from the hotel where events were taking place. By employing spotters, Combs' trucks would be ready to haul cars away after only a few minutes.

Combs didn't have an up-to-date contract to tow cars from the mall. He also violated several other Florida laws, including a lack of proper signage, charging extra fees and towing the cars too far from their original location.

Combs claims he was doing his job, but Cpl. Rick Schmeltzer told the Orlando Sentinel ASAP Towing towed far more cars during "Gay Days" than any other weekend. "Gay Days" attracts thousands of tourists to Walt Disney World and other area entertainment venues and is a boon for local business.

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