Maine freshman state Rep. Brian Mannal, a Democrat from Barnstable, knows how to make an entrance: by Segway. Okay, fine, his vehicle of choice when going door-to-door as part of his re-election campaign isn't technically a Segway but the "Chinese version" of the self-balancing, two-wheeled scooter.

The Freego F3, as it's called, operates almost exactly like a Segway and it helps Mannal cover more ground in the sparsely populated areas of his district where walking takes too long but driving doesn't make sense. "The benefit of this vehicle is that it allows me the ability to do [go door-to-door] in about half the time, and I'm not wasting gas," he told the Cape Cod Times. "That's the thing that always drove me crazy last time." In the video below, he adds that the all-electric scooter reduces the carbon footprint and that, "Many of the folks that I'm targeting are environmentally conscious so I think it appeals to their sense of stewardship for our environment."

The Freego F3 has a top speed of 12 miles per hour and cost Mannal around $2,600. There's a fun history of politicians in Maine using alternative transportation, including mountain bikes, as you can read over in the Cape Cod Times.

An F3-riding polititcian is cool and all, but we'll be so much more impressed when we see Mannal tooling around on one of Freego's self-balancing unicycles. Let's cut government waste by eliminating that excess wheel, eh?

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