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China's Ninebot unveils scooters that drive themselves to charging stations

Uber, Lyft to be among first customers

BEIJING/HONG KONG (Reuters) - Segway-Ninebot Group, a Beijing-based electric scooter maker, on Friday unveiled a scooter that can return itself to charging stations without a driver, a potential boon for the burgeoning scooter-sharing industry. Ninebot said Uber and Lyft , the ride-hailing giants that are expanding into scooter-sharing, would be among the customers for the new semi-autonomous vehicles that are expected to hit roads early next year. Gao Lufeng, Ninebot chairman

In Detail: BPG Werks DTV Shredder

You'd be wrong to call the DTV Shredder a Segway on steroids. This all-terrain dual tracked vehicle from BPG Werks operates in a space all its own.

Millionaire Segway importer killed after rolling off cliff riding his own device

According to the BBC, Jimi Heselden, the CEO of Hesco Bastion, was killed on Sunday, September 26 when he apparently rode his Segway off of a cliff and into a river. Hesco Bastion sells Segway self-balancing scooters in the UK market.

What I did on my summer staycation!

Every year after the summer break, the first assignment given in English class seems to always be a short essay entitled "What I did on my summer vacation." Well, maybe not this year. Instead of enthralling classmates with tales of visiting some far off exotic destinations and engaging in cooler than cool activities, some kids may have to be extra inventive with their verbiage in order to somehow convince their peers that their "staycation" spent driving around their hometown on rented Domenick Yoney

VIDEO: Look out Segway, Toyota introduces the Winglet!

In a move that's sure to knock the Segway world off balance, Toyota has introduced its new "personal transport assistance robot" called the Winglet. Actually, there's three of them. One with a tall handle that could be seen as more practical and two other sportier models featuring supports gripped by the legs. They offer the same ease of use as the Dean Kaman-invented precursor but with a lot less bulk and a smaller footprint. They can reach spe

Watch "10mph (Segway Across America)" for free for a limited time

If you've ever spent any amount of time in an office cubicle, you know people will do just about anything, including chewing off their own paw foot to escape. Thankfully, the measures taken by the guys featured in the film, 10 mph (Segway Across America) weren't quite that drastic. Or were they?

VIDEO: ReD DynaMix innovates with Segway

Perhaps it has something to do with the freezing temperatures and living in igloos for 8 months of the year but the Canadians who have gathered themselves under the moniker of ReD DynaMix really have a thing for Segway hacking. Being the distributors for the two-wheeled gyromatic gives them the access and perhaps the Domenick Yoney

Anybody up for some Segway polo?

We often feature stories about the Segway, being that it is an alternative and emission-free form of transportation and all. I don't know how many of our readers own one, if any, but I am sure that at least some of you have given them a try. I have heard many reports of how fun the machine is to ride. If you are in it for the fun, why not consider honing your polo skills? You might as well have some fun and enjoy some team-camaraderie while you are busy riding your electric conveyance. Sure,

The Onion spoofs the Segway - with link to the video

Do you remember life before the Segway? Of course, but you probably also remember the Segway hype machine as it was in full swing, before the public even knew what it was, the media in general was touting "it" as a life-changing invention, and many bought into the hype just to be let down when they found out what it was, and how much it cost. I can't help but think that the Segway Human Transporter would have been better received if the hype surrounding it were less intense. Sure, everybody knew

T3 motion cop trike ensures unsuccessful getaway for crooks on foot

Visitors to the 2007 International Security Convention West show (ISC West) in Las Vegas had a chance to get up close and personal with the future of police patrol vehicles. On display was the new three-wheeled chariot from T3 Motion. Sort of a Segway with sirens, the T3 Series security model boasts a top speed of 18-25 mph. That should be good enough to catch a fleeing suspect, but the T3 will most likely show its benefit in keeping officers fr

DIY one-wheel balancing scooter - Segway ain't got nothin' on this!

I have seen DIY Segways before. Hey, if you want a Segway, but don't want to pay their price... and you are smart enough to make one yourself, go for it! Which is exactly what these guys in England did. Except, they made theirs a UniSegway. I just invented that term - what do you think? Watch the video and see how it works. Oh yeah, if you have any ideas of doing this yourself, you'll need to learn how

ZAP hires high-profile sales executives

ZAP has really been making some waves lately, but most importantly their sales have been electric. The company's revenues for the first six months of 2006 have surpassed sales for all of last year. To help out with the ZAP's growth and direction, the company recently announced that it has hired Guy Alderton and Steve Tucker to lead the Power Systems and Portable Energy business units, respectively.

Segway i2 and x2 Transporters

Earlier this month, Segway Inc., debuted its two Personal Transporters (PT), the versatile i2 (pictured) and the all-terrain x2. Both are equipped with "LeanSteer" which allows the driver to direct the electric vehicle just by simply leaning in the desired direction. Previously, drivers could only control backward and forward movement.

Segway finds no green in New York Auto Show

The founder of SegwayNYNY, Itsi Atkins, reviewed the New York Auto show and found it lacking in any advancements in alternative transportation. According to PR Wire, Atkins saw nothing that indicated the automakers had developed technologies to reduce oil use. Instead, he found the "...the war of the sound waves with Sirius vs. XM. Each company was trying to out spend advertising dollars to impress the ears of the drivers." Atkins st

Segway rolling around New York Auto Show

If you're tired of walking and really don't want to risk a heart attack in one of the Big Apple's (in)famous taxi cabs--assuming you can hail one--Segway is offering an alternative.