A woman who was run over by a Beach Patrol pickup in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, while sunbathing in 2011 was awarded $2.6 million in damages on June 26. However, she may only be eligible for a small fraction of that money under the state's laws.

According to WFTV News in Orlando, Florida, Erin Joynt was visiting the beach with her family, and while she was sunbathing, the Beach Patrol truck ran her over. She sustained serious injuries in the accident, including paralysis to the left side of her face and hearing and vision loss. As restitution, the jury specifically awarded her $2 million of the settlement just for pain and suffering.

However, this is only the beginning if Joynt actually wants to collect that money. According to WFTV, Florida law prevents the state or its agencies from paying more than $200,000 per incident in legal cases. In this case, the county already paid her husband and children a $164,000 settlement. For her to get the damages awarded by the court, she now has to take the case up with the state legislature and get the amount approved by them. Scroll down for the video about the entire case.

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