Mysterious Man Clings To Back Of Speeding Car

Witnesses say he smashed through the rear window and climbed inside

A scene straight our of a thriller movie played out Saturday along a stretch of highway in North Carolina as a man clung to the back of a speeding car.

The man was spotted by other drivers holding on to the back window of a car racing down Interstate 77. Witnesses say the driver of the car was a woman with a baby in the backseat traveling at least 55 mph. The man was trying to hold on to the trunk and smash his way through the rear window at the same time.

Brenda Cruz was driving with her teenage son Samuel when they saw the man on the trunk of the white car and began recording the bizarre event.

"It was really weird. I thought it was a dummy at first," Samuel Cruz told WSOC 9 News.

The man eventually used a sharp object to smash through the rear window. Once open he climbed inside the car.

Troopers told the Channel 9 they had several calls about the incident, but the driver was nowhere to be found once they arrived. Police have yet to track down anyone involved in the incident.

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